It's my 6th wedding anniversary today. Really, i cant remember how i celebrate it for the past years. Yes, we acknowledged each others but we don't really celebrate. I asked few closed friends on how they spent theirs. I am not surprised when an old friend said her day passed without even being commented on. It's not our culture and it's not even a requirement.

My other friend said, they do (kind of) celebrate it by eating out or have a special meal at home.

My DH and I did went out last night, have a little chat, no cards or gift. Well, it was good to have a nice and quiet dinner together. All this while we were busy with works, kids and relatives (cats too!). It came to my mind, we actually buying times to be alone together *LOL*

In my opinion to celebrate a wedding anniversary, doesn't have to cost money. We can just go for a walk at the park or by the beach, have a simple meal at home and watch movies with our loved one.

Besides reminding us about our sweet memory, it also reminds us to appreciate more and love, to understand, to look back on our marriage and marvel at how far we've progressed as a couple, and the obstacles that we've overcome.
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2 Responses
  1. AQisH Says:

    epi anniversary..mine will be nxt month;-)

    "we actually buying times to be alone together" - this is true indeed! how difficult to us esp as a working mom & wife to spare time alone with our other half..congrats to u:-D

  2. Lil' dahling Says:

    wah happy anniversary kak gee. we didn't do anything also during our anniversary. we totally forgotten abt it. LOL.